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How About A Holiday At LaFayette?

If you are traveling to LaFayette in Northern Georgia for the first time this year, there is much to do, see and experience when you are in this scenic town. There are amazing sights to witness here, as it is a town cradled between mountain ranges. There is Rock Town which has house size boulders that are worth seeing. You could also travel to the Pigeon Mountain or McLemore Cove area. Here the scenic valleys that exist are wonderful to witness and hike around in.

If you are a naturalist, you will surely love to witness these sights as well as spend your time exploring the hiking trails that lie around these regions. For those who are history buffs, the Civil war history artifacts are scattered around this town. You can visit the Marsh house. There are interesting tales to know about a ghost that dates back to the Civil War era. You can also check out the Chattooga Academy here that was built in 1836. Indeed, you would be mistaken if you thought that LaFayette will not have much to offer you. It is often called the Queen City of the Highlands. It is the county seat region of Walker County. The history of the region is rich with several Native Americans who have been around here for centuries as well as African Americans and others from the Civil War times.

When you take a look at Rock City from Lookout Mountain you will find the scenic community towns of LaFayette as well as Chickamauga. These lie in the valleys below and the areas are rich in natural beauty.

So what are the places that you could visit besides the ones mentioned above? If you need travel and tour related information, the Visitor Information Center is a useful place to visit, located on South Duke Street. If you want a free guide on Georgia, there is related information available here. An official guide on Georgia travel can help you plan a vacation here. Get information related to activities, events, attractions, travel resources and guide maps.

Georgia is known as the Peach state and not without reason. The Southern flavors that accentuate the cuisine here can be experienced in different eateries here.

If you love recreational activities like golf, the LaFayette golf course offers a scenic area that is well maintained and with great views of the surrounding mountains. There are tournaments and different golf events that are hosted here.