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Freedom Festival In LaFayette

LaFayette is a city that is located in Walker County in Georgia. It was initially named as Chattooga, being part of the Chattanooga metropolitan area.

This place is also known historically to be the gateway to the Deep South and acted as a main hub of transportation. History has always played a large role in the conscience of the city. As a result, it has remained an old South city for long. However, the downtown redevelopment has brought in modern amenities. As a result, much life has come back to the downtown areas of the city. There are several recreational and commercial places that have been developed from the nineties. Close by is the Tennessee River, which spans 22 miles. The waterfront boasts a park, several museums, and an aquarium. The mountain setting of the city along with proximity to Atlanta promises the city of a strong future ahead. The Cumberland Mountains in the west and Appalachians in the east form a wonderful topography and favorable climate for this city.

Freedom Festival

The freedom festival in Lafayette is a festival that is held annually. This year it was held on June 30th, 2017 which was a Friday, on South Main Street. Being the preceding week before the fourth of July celebrations, fireworks shows and display is a vital part of this festival. There are multiple bands that offer live entertainment to all who come. This year it was held in LaFayette parks and Recreation Avenue. This festival is a traditional one for LaFayette which has grown over the years. This time it includes several activities such as wrestling, games, and hamburger eating contests amongst others.

If you are new in town and have witnessed the Freedom festival, there are many other events you can check out during the summer months. Even though the weather tends to get quite warm during the summer months, the different events about town will keep you busy. There was a novel festival that was held recently in a town called the Honey Bee Festival. It surely was one of a kind that many witnessed here for the first time.