Honeybee Festival

Honeybee Festival In LaFayette

The Honeybee festival was held in LaFayette and everyone in town, including the members of Lafayette golf course, was abuzz about it. This festival was one of a kind that was held here on June 3rd, Sunday. It was a musical event as well, which captured the headlines of the local papers here. I brought my friend from http://www.steelecarpet.com and we had a blast. Everyone who went pretty much had a good time as far as I could see.

Among those who made the festival special was Craig Morgan. Being a country music star as well as captain of Redneck Yacht Club, he opened the festival which was held in LaFayette Square. The festival went on from nine in the morning till eleven at night. Indeed, having landed Morgan as a star to come and inaugurate the festival was a great accomplishment for the festival organizers. Morgan not only is associated with music but also being part of the Army for about 17 years, having received the prestigious USO Merit Award in 2006. He is also known for the TV show he hosts called All Access Outdoors.

While Morgan’s hits were one of the main crowd pullers of the event, the festival itself was an effort to recognize initiatives being taken by beekeepers in the region as well as how they are contributing to keeping the natural balance alive in the ecosystem around.

Honeybee Festival

There was an educational booth organized by the Northwest Beekeepers Association who were there to answer queries that visitors may have had about beekeeping. Hives were put up on display to help people understand what is involved in beekeeping and how one could culture their own. The festival also showcased a baking contest, a barbecue competition as well as antique tractors on display. There was a kid’s zone that had games, face painting, petting zoo and other attractions. Even birds were on display here, set up by Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center. There were about 50 craft and food vendors who put up around the square to make the festival complete. Admission to the festival was free. Besides Morgan, there were several local bands playing as well.

Indeed, Honeybee festival made headlines in this town and around the state as well this year.

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