Home Service Business of Window Installation in Lafayette

Lafayette is a beautiful city located in Georgia that is mainly known for its historical appearance. In the context of a business, we have initiated a home service business of window installation. We offer you top-class services for installing various windows in Lafayette.   

New windows not only function perfectly but also increase property value and energy efficiency of your home. Our professionals are qualified to install and replace any type of windows.


How Often Do Windows Need To Be Replaced?

  • When there is moisture on panes.
  • Exteriors are faded or chipped.
  • When Windows not open or close easily and get stuck.

Old or failing windows results in heat transfer in and out of your home. It may not be due to the age of your windows but the low quality that causes problems. It may cost you more in the long run.

Home Window Installation Capabilities that we have:

  • Double Hung Windows installation/replacement
  • Vent windows installation/replacement
  • Casement windows installation / replacement
  • Sliding windows installation / replacement
  • Garden windows installation/replacement
  • Bay window installation/replacement
  • Bow windows installation/replacement
  • Specialty windows installation/replacement

We can customize your windows as per your choice using our premium vinyl windows.

Also, our wooden windows will provide the beauty of natural wood for your historic home choice.

When it comes to window replacement/installation, the list seems endless. We ensure that your new windows will match perfectly to the interior color scheme and outside trim work of your home as we offer a pre-painting and staining service. Additionally, we typically provide you full-frame replacements, we remove your entire window and frame and replace it with a new frame and trim to give your home a new fresh look.

Does Replacing Windows Add Value To Your Home?

Have you ever wondered whether replacing the old windows in your home will make a difference to the value of your home or not? Then, look no further. The answer is the right windows which will make a huge difference in how your home looks not only in appearance but also how your home gives a different feel which adds value to your property.

Windows help your home to stand out in a crowd. Windows boost your home’s value and you can command a higher selling price in the market. 

Home Window Replacement / Installation Cost

Window installation costs and window replacement costs vary according to the size and type of the new windows you select. For the most accurate job estimate, get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your window installation project.

If you are in the Vancouver Area please visit our sister company Vancouver Windows

Freedom Festival In LaFayette

LaFayette is a city that is located in Walker County in Georgia. It was initially named as Chattooga, being part of the Chattanooga metropolitan area.

This place is also known historically to be the gateway to the Deep South and acted as a main hub of transportation. History has always played a large role in the conscience of the city. As a result, it has remained an old South city for long. However, the downtown redevelopment has brought in modern amenities. As a result, much life has come back to the downtown areas of the city. There are several recreational and commercial places that have been developed from the nineties. Close by is the Tennessee River, which spans 22 miles. The waterfront boasts a park, several museums, and an aquarium. The mountain setting of the city along with proximity to Atlanta promises the city of a strong future ahead. The Cumberland Mountains in the west and Appalachians in the east form a wonderful topography and favorable climate for this city.

Freedom Festival

The freedom festival in Lafayette is a festival that is held annually. This year it was held on June 30th, 2017 which was a Friday, on South Main Street. Being the preceding week before the fourth of July celebrations, fireworks shows and display is a vital part of this festival. There are multiple bands that offer live entertainment to all who come. This year it was held in LaFayette parks and Recreation Avenue. This festival is a traditional one for LaFayette which has grown over the years. This time it includes several activities such as wrestling, games, and hamburger eating contests amongst others.

If you are new in town and have witnessed the Freedom festival, there are many other events you can check out during the summer months. Even though the weather tends to get quite warm during the summer months, the different events about town will keep you busy. There was a novel festival that was held recently in a town called the Honey Bee Festival. It surely was one of a kind that many witnessed here for the first time.


Honeybee Festival In LaFayette

The Honeybee festival was held in LaFayette and everyone in town, including the members of Lafayette golf course, was abuzz about it. This festival was one of a kind that was held here on June 3rd, Sunday. It was a musical event as well, which captured the headlines of the local papers here. I brought my friend from http://www.steelecarpet.com and we had a blast. Everyone who went pretty much had a good time as far as I could see.

Among those who made the festival special was Craig Morgan. Being a country music star as well as captain of Redneck Yacht Club, he opened the festival which was held in LaFayette Square. The festival went on from nine in the morning till eleven at night. Indeed, having landed Morgan as a star to come and inaugurate the festival was a great accomplishment for the festival organizers. Morgan not only is associated with music but also being part of the Army for about 17 years, having received the prestigious USO Merit Award in 2006. He is also known for the TV show he hosts called All Access Outdoors.

While Morgan’s hits were one of the main crowd pullers of the event, the festival itself was an effort to recognize initiatives being taken by beekeepers in the region as well as how they are contributing to keeping the natural balance alive in the ecosystem around.

Honeybee Festival

There was an educational booth organized by the Northwest Beekeepers Association who were there to answer queries that visitors may have had about beekeeping. Hives were put up on display to help people understand what is involved in beekeeping and how one could culture their own. The festival also showcased a baking contest, a barbecue competition as well as antique tractors on display. There was a kid’s zone that had games, face painting, petting zoo and other attractions. Even birds were on display here, set up by Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center. There were about 50 craft and food vendors who put up around the square to make the festival complete. Admission to the festival was free. Besides Morgan, there were several local bands playing as well.

Indeed, Honeybee festival made headlines in this town and around the state as well this year.

How About A Holiday At LaFayette?

If you are traveling to LaFayette in Northern Georgia for the first time this year, there is much to do, see and experience when you are in this scenic town. There are amazing sights to witness here, as it is a town cradled between mountain ranges. There is Rock Town which has house size boulders that are worth seeing. You could also travel to the Pigeon Mountain or McLemore Cove area. Here the scenic valleys that exist are wonderful to witness and hike around in.

If you are a naturalist, you will surely love to witness these sights as well as spend your time exploring the hiking trails that lie around these regions. For those who are history buffs, the Civil war history artifacts are scattered around this town. You can visit the Marsh house. There are interesting tales to know about a ghost that dates back to the Civil War era. You can also check out the Chattooga Academy here that was built in 1836. Indeed, you would be mistaken if you thought that LaFayette will not have much to offer you. It is often called the Queen City of the Highlands. It is the county seat region of Walker County. The history of the region is rich with several Native Americans who have been around here for centuries as well as African Americans and others from the Civil War times.

When you take a look at Rock City from Lookout Mountain you will find the scenic community towns of LaFayette as well as Chickamauga. These lie in the valleys below and the areas are rich in natural beauty.

So what are the places that you could visit besides the ones mentioned above? If you need travel and tour related information, the Visitor Information Center is a useful place to visit, located on South Duke Street. If you want a free guide on Georgia, there is related information available here. An official guide on Georgia travel can help you plan a vacation here. Get information related to activities, events, attractions, travel resources and guide maps.

Georgia is known as the Peach state and not without reason. The Southern flavors that accentuate the cuisine here can be experienced in different eateries here.

If you love recreational activities like golf, the LaFayette golf course offers a scenic area that is well maintained and with great views of the surrounding mountains. There are tournaments and different golf events that are hosted here.

What You Can Find On The Lafayette Golf Course?

If you are coming to the Lafayette golf course, it is located in the southern part of the city. For those who approach this club from the South Main area, they need to come from Foster Mill Drive and then turn right onto Gasque Drive. They can then turn onto Fred Henry Drive.

This golf club has a special history. The course comprises of nine holes and was constructed in the thirties. After that, around the early nineties, an additional number of ten holes were constructed, designed by the famed Arthur Davis. This par 72 specialty course is a beautifully designed and maintained the golf course. The bent grass greens here as well as hybrid grass varieties like Bermuda grass fairways as well as rough make the course a green experience for the golfers. There are four sets of tees. These allow players of differing abilities to enjoy playing with the layout of the field. For those who like challenges, there are holes that can test the skills of the players as well. Indeed, the golf course in the Lafayette Club offers one of the most beautiful courses in North Georgia.

Lafayette Golf CourseThe surrounding mountains make a wonderful backdrop for the course. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year when you can enjoy this course and the scene of fall foliage that nature showcases. The course offers several natural challenges for golf players. For instance, the front or original side is of shorter distance; that requires the teeing off to be accurate; the approach shot needs shots made into the small green spaces. There are bunkers placed strategically on a few holes. The back or the relatively new side is a longer area with grass bunkers and mounds that are out of bounds. These are placed strategically to make the golfers choose their game plan carefully.

All members can enjoy the facilities that are provided in the club by the course. There is a grill section that serves breakfast as well as lunch. There are daily specials for lunch that are on offer seven days a week. There is also a pro shop. That stocks all equipment and accessories that golfers can require. There are timings for reserving your tee time, which you can find at the official website. You could also book for a corporate event or a tournament that your business might wish to host by contacting the club personnel at the numbers given on the website.